Home renovations can be a great investment and create the perfect space for you. If done right, they will also increase in value along with your home. However there’s always room for error when renovating any building – from adding an extra door without realizing it opens into another room all together; doing something crooked because of poor planning or lack thereof at times (we’ve seen this too!). When you renovate your home, there are several ways that things can go wrong along the way. Here are the top common mistakes to avoid when you renovate your home. 

Top Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

1. Avoid the Natural Style of Your Home

Are you planning a home renovation? Create a new look, but until you have completely changed the natural architecture of your house, you need to make sure that your style also blends in with the house.

2. Cheap is not Always the Best 

Keep this quote in mind when you outline your home renovation budget. Cutting corners and choosing low-cost materials can be very attractive. But you have to be very strategic in which elements you choose to cut or replace with less expensive alternatives. If you want to decrease cost, cut things out that will not affect the overall design of your home. 

3. Purchasing Furniture and Home Decor Too Early 

Wait to purchase the perfect flooring, appliances, furniture, and other materials until the project plans are finalized. Take the measurements to be accurate before you go to purchase furniture. Otherwise, you run the risk of purchasing the wrong amount of items or ordering incompatible equipment.

Consider redoing your rug or floor in November or December. Many home improvement chains provide attractive sales before the holidays, and contractors are more willing to negotiate during the slower time of the year.

4. Be Timeless, Not Just Trendy 

Immersion in home decor trends is very common because they are beautiful today … think of shag carpet, entrance chalkboards, and mint green appliances. But, the big question you have to ask yourself is, will these items be timeless and trendy for tomorrow, so you want to make your choices in ten years. Remember that furniture and your wall colors can be trendy. 

5. Think Twice About Your Kitchen

If you renovate your home and the kitchen, think twice before decorating it in the latest kitchen trends. Keep in mind that don’t do anything that decreases your home resale value. 

Things you may regret renovating your kitchen are things like a wine cooler or dual stove. These things will take up valuable countertop and cabinet space, and will not be useful to everyone when you are trying to sell your house.

6. Understanding Home Renovation Budget 

When you plan to renovate your home, you should understand what your budget is. It depends on two factors. One is the room you are remodeling, and the two is the overall value of the house you’re remodeling. Your builder or designer should help you set up a budget. Also, ensure that you include the very essential things that will give the most value to your home space.

Top Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid